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Hi, I'm Chani


I was married for years.  Happily.  And I wanted to stay that way.  However, the punctuation that I would put after the word "happily" was usually a period and sometimes a question mark. 

What I really wanted was an exclamation point! Or two!!


So after years of studying and working in the field of

Relationship Empowerment, with years of clients and with my own "personal clinical experiments", I developed a program of

how to get those exclamation points in place.


And yes, you can be Happily (!!) Married.


Let me explain: I like using the image of a toolbox.  You probably have one in your house.  Hammer, nails, screwdriver, pliers, maybe even a small saw.  The thing is that you have many tools, but you don't always need them all and even the same tool can be used for many things.  But not all tools are created equally and some tools are useless if used at the wrong time or in the wrong way.


Google "Relationship Tools".  Go ahead. 

I've done that many times and found some really great tools.  However just like that hammer and the saw, great tools, but where are the instructions?  When exactly are you supposed to use them?  What hand do you hold them in if you are left-handed and what if you have 2 left hands?


No wonder so many times I've heard

"But we're different, nothing works". 

If you are "Happily (./?) Married" and think that "that's just the way it is" -

It doesn't have to be like that!

One thing's for sure –you have the ability to change things so that you can be happier.  Not Pollyanna happy, but really ok, satisfied, deep down happy that comes from the inside.

I deliver workshops teaching tools along with personal instructions.   I explain the tool, how and when to use it, and what to do when it doesn't seem to be working.


Come and join me and we'll work together.


You deserve to be "Happily (!!) Married" too!! 

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