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חני ליאור Chani Lior


I'm Chani Lior

Do you want to improve your marriage?

Do you want to be happier than you are now?  Do you want a better relationship and a better marriage?

I invite you to a new workshop!  

"I highly recommend
Chani's new workshop. It's simply a workshop that works wonders. There is nothing to hesitate about!" Z.A.

WhatsApp With Your Marriage

purple flower in pot

You're married.  For a while already.

You're happy, but you're missing something. You want more from your relationship, but you don't know how to get it.

You feel like giving up, but part of you still hopes for better.

You say "it's not so bad, so many others have it worse than I do".

But, something inside still wants more.


It's possible. Even after years of built-in habits ... you can really have the "paradise" that you were blessed with at your wedding.

In the "WhatsApp with Your Marriage" workshop, You receive tools, along with instructions, on how and when to use those tools, to give you that something, that's missing !!


Do you want to stop a quarrel before it starts? There is a tool!

Do you want to feel more appreciation? There is a tool!

Do you also want to know how to figure out what will make you happy? There is a tool !!


Start anew  Now! 

You can finally have relationship tips and tools that will remain forever!

Sign up now. Do not miss your opportunity for the relationship of your dreams!

The workshop is about to start!

So is your newfound happiness!


Every week for 6 weeks, you"ll receive:

  • A short video with the Tool of the Week

  • 3 workshop exercises 

  • inspirational (and sometimes funny) stuff to move you along…


The workshop is delivered straight to your phone!  You can watch the videos and do the exercises whenever is convenient for you!


Sent to a

WhatsApp Broadcast Group

-Your Privacy is CompletelyPreserved -

Relationship tools with detailed explanations

A New Tool every week with videos, exercises and more



Tools for you to use  and go back to, forever

For More Harmonious, Relaxed and Satisfying Relationships

With Yourself and With Others

Tools for more:

  • Peace

  • Hello home

  • Pleasure


For Your Marriage and For Yourself



sign up get tool
What are People Saying About WhatsAppWith Your Marriage?
Purple Hyacinth Bulb

I think I was most affected by the light in your face, from the kindness of your heart and your eyes, which although I did not meet you face to face, I felt strongly.



Sign up for the entire workshop  now- only 600 NIS !!

All of the workshop materials are

for your future use, any time you want!

Chani Lior

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